Since 1997 BUFFOLI has introduced 3 new flexible machining systems into its production program.
They are four-spindle machining centers with 2x5 axes or patented transfer of dedicated or universal flexible type.
In consideration of the transfer machine, these machines cover a wider application field, maintaining the high productivity and efficiency, while offering even quicker change over times.

The OMNI-FLEX line is made of three very different universal machining systems. They are ideally suited for the machining of complex parts in small batches machined on 5-6 sides even with compound angles.
The “TRI-CENTER” version is a flexible machining composed by 3 or more machining centers.
It minimizes the pure cost and floor space requirements when compared with multiple horizontal machining centers. Reducing the cost for each build piece in the production of small and middle series.
It offers at least 3 times the productivity of a stand alone horizontal machining center with minimum tooling, fixturing, and “set-up labor” costs the part clamping device allows the simultaneous machining
of more parts or the production of parts with inclined machining operations also on 5 axes.

The "QUATTRO" version integrates two CNC 5-axis machining modules. Each module is equipped with two machining spindles (for a total of 80 tools available), each of the 2 universal clamping fixture is equipped with 2 full CNC rotary axes in order to allow machining with any inclination.

The "MULTI" version is intended for bigger batches offering exceptionally quick cycle times for a universal machine. It is a flexible transfer machine equipped with up to 27 multi-axes machining modules, suitable for the production of complex parts in small batches with quick cycle times and the widest versatility. Machining cube of 250 or 350 mm (5-sided, 81 tools, possibility of accurate and exceptionally fast single-point threading and static turning).

The TRANS-N-CENTER line represents those transfer machines designed in order to optimize flexibility and productivity in the machining of wide families of parts. Main featurings: patented multi-process multi-axis modules with tool change in 0.3-0.6 seconds; static turning heads with Buffoli CNC controlled interpolation, single clamping machining of complex parts thanks to orienting clamping devices or indexing chucks; wide applications field; quick changeover times; transfer machine productivity; simultaneous processing of different parts.

Buffoli's customers change over the machine many times/day, producing easy or complex parts, even in batches of about ten parts. The combination of Precision, Speed and Just in Time production represents the winning solution provided by the Buffoli machines.

All lines are characterized by BUFFOLI MULTI-PROCESSING CNC, illustrative self-help manual, easy window based programming and a FULLY INTEGRATED TOOL MONITORING SYSTEM.

  • Productivity of a transfer machine and versatility of a machining center.
  • 5 or 6 sided machining in one clamping with the possibility of programming combined rotations of arm and elbow of the clamping system and rotation of the clamps to put the internal face on to the external.
  • Tool change over between 0 minutes and 2 hours.
  • Patented multi-spindle cartridges with parallel independent spindle motors. Less than 1 second chip to chip tool-change.
  • 3-4 axis super compact multi-process heads with tool change in 0.3-0.6 sec.
  • Quick change static turning heads, able to execute single-point threading/contouring/recessing/turning with advanced interpolation controlled by Buffoli’s multi-processing CNC.
  • High speed machining.
  • Simultaneous processing of different parts
    (e.g. valve body and wedge).
  • Multi-media self-diagnostics with illustrative self-help, on-line manual and continuous self-surveillance of the machine efficiency.
  • User-friendly programming, menu driven or self-learning.
  • Completely controlled by CNC with Buffoli digital electronics having a 5 year warranty.