The OMNI-FLEX line includes several very different flexible-universal machining systems. Each system has been designed as the ideal solution for a broad range of manufacturing challenges. OMNI-FLEX machines allow the machining of an infinite number of part shapes and configurations and they are suited for the machining of complex parts in small batches (automotive, aerospace or precision part sub-suppliers inside of a 650 mm cube).

Available version:
  • The OMNI-FLEX “TRI-CENTER” is a flexible machining solution composed of 3 to 5 machining centers (4 or 5 axis). It minimizes the pure cost, the tooling's time and the floor space requirements when compared with multiple horizontal machining centers, reducing the cost for each built piece in the production of small
    and middle series;
  • The OMNI-FLEX “QUATTRO” is a system composed of two 5-axis machining centers. It is equipped with 4 spindles and it addresses the machining of complex, precision components that require many inclined machining operations;
  • The OMNI-FLEX “MULTI” is a flexible transfer machine equipped with indexing clamping devices and with max. 27 machining centers, each one with three independent parallel spindles capable of turning, recessing and single point threading at high speed.


It offers 3 times the productivity
of a stand alone horizontal machining center with minimum tooling, “set-up labor” costs
and space used.

The loading can be either manual or robotized. The part clamping device allows the simultaneous machining of more parts or the production of parts with inclined machining operations also
5 axes.

The following base versions
are available:

X-Y=350x350mm Z=300mm
(with 2, 3 or 5 machining centers)

X-Y=500x450mm Z=400mm

(with 2 or 3 machining centers)

X-Y=650x650mm Z=400mm
(with 2 or 3 machining centers)

is a 5-axis flexible machining system with four high-speed integrated spindles and 80 tools working inside a cube of 300 mm cube. Each machining center is equipped with universal clamping fixtures allowing precise compound angle positioning (360,000 positions) with direct drive motors.
This feature allows accurate positioning in 3-dimentional space.

OMNI-FLEX “MULTI” is a flexible transfer machine equipped with patented turret heads with three independent parallel spindles. It is a flexible transfer machine offering short cycle times thanks to the simultaneous machining with up to 27 tools (upper, lower and radial). In each station there are up to 3 three-spindle or four-spindles turret heads, for a total of 81 tools.
These turret heads allow the tool change in less than 1 second (chip-to-chip) and precision static turning operations (grooving, recessing, profiling, single-point threading, etc.). Moreover they are more rigid and compact when compared with usual revolver heads and they are ideally suited for heavy or high-speed machining.

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