TRANS-BAR machines are multi-spindle CNC transfer machines fed by non-rotating bars, ideally suited for the machining of precision turned parts on both directions and/or transversally; without costly secondary operations. Although these machines are quickly re-tooled like a two-spindle CNC lathe, they offer higher productivity than a multi-spindle screw machine, and even allow the complete processing of those parts that cannot be machined on conventional multi-spindle.

TRANS-BAR is a family of horizontal axis transfer machines designed and built specifically for high efficiency, productivity, precision and complete processing of turned parts from bar. The wide range of quick-change accessories that can be installed allows production batches of a few thousand parts, with tool change over times of 30-60 minutes on average.

For 30 years BUFFOLI has been the world leader in producing CNC bar transfer machines. Hundreds of machines of this type are installed all over the world.
The basic elements have been custom engineered specifically for the production of precision parts from round or profiled bar. Parts may be turned and finished on the front, on the back side and transversally (with rotating tools simultaneously machining in two, three or more directions).The TRANS-BAR machines are produced in 5 bar size ranges,
7-32 mm
7-45 mm
7-55 mm
15-75 mm
15-100 mm
and in standard or special versions (up to 20 machining stations). The versions marked with the symbol “+” are equipped with multi-axis multi-tool CNC machining heads.

The TRB55+ is the universal-flexible model addressing the sub-contract industry.
12 stations, 10-spindles CNC, expandable up to 40 (thanks to 7 multi-axis
multi-process modules), is ideally suited for the complete machining of those complex parts, finished on the front, on the rear and transversally, that would require secondary operations if machined on conventional lathes or automatics.

  The machines with bar size 32 or 45 mm are also produced in double production versions and can reach 4 times the productivity of a multi-spindle lathe (up to over 10,000 nuts/hour). They minimize labor and part manufacturing costs.

All TRANS-BAR machines are extremely flexible, allowing tool change over times in a range of from 15 minutes to only 2 hours maximum (some customers of ours also change over the machine 3 times per day, processing batches of 1,000-5,000 parts).

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