Buffoli Trans-N-Center is a new innovative concept in transfer machines. It is a "design concept" that integrates high production modules and flexible modules achieving the goal of machining a wide range of parts with transfer machine cycle times.
Its advantages include: short cycle times, exceptional versatility, ease
of programming and high precision machining in one clamping.
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Trans-N-Center machines are equipped with:
  • Precision CNC indexing chucks capable of executing programmed rotations;
  • CNC 3-4 axes multi-process modules extremely compact and fast (tool positioning within 0.3-0.6 sec.) able to drill, bore, tap or perform any interpolated milling operations (Buffoli Multi-PROcess modules);
  • Buffoli special CNC profiling heads, able to carry out turning, recessing and single-point threading operations of high precision with standard inserts (Buffoli Multi-PROfile heads);
  • CNC Programmable inclination and translation of the spindles.
  • Multiple Tool Power Monitoring with automatic compensation of tool wear and SPC control.

The combination of several modules Multi-PROcess and Multi-PROfile, placed around a rotating turret equipped with CNC programmable indexing chucks, guarantees a transfer machine that is exceptionally flexible, and suitable for machining a varied family of parts. This eliminates secondary operations, ensuring high production levels, and at the same time, high quality parts in only one clamping.

TRANS-N-CENTER machines are simultaneously transfer machines, machining centers and turning centers and are capable of single clamping machining of complex parts.
Complete change over between 15 and 120 minutes.

Short operations can be incorporated into our patented Multi-Process Centers with tool change in 0.3-0.6 sec. They are compact Multi-axis modules, with up to 4 different tools, capable of discrete machining processes performed sequentially or randomly (e.g. centerdrill, tapdrill, tap or any kind of interpolated milling). They allow the reduction of the number of spindles and of the machine size; thus improving process capability, set-up time and machine versatility.

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