Since 1958 BUFFOLI has been a world leader in the development of turn-key solutions for the machining of components requiring multi-sided machining. Much of Buffoli’s worldwide business is represented by numerous transfer machines operating throughout North America & North Europe at the most reputable companies producing mechanical components.

MULTI-WAY are transfer machines custom designed for machining in several directions in only one clamping (up to 4 directions without chuck indexing and up to 6 directions with indexing fixtures, patented solutions). Complete change over in less than 60 min allows for batch production of a few thousands of parts.

TRANS-DOUBLE are double production transfer machines of which BUFFOLI is the world leader since 1979.

Customers of ours change over the machine many times/day, running batches of 1,000 - 100,000 parts with cycle times of 0.75 - 20 seconds. The combination of Precision, Productivity and Just in Time production represents the winning solution provided by the Buffoli machines. Non rotating part machining (drilling, milling, and also CNC static turning, threading and profiling) and rotating part machining are integrated into a versatile, precise and highly reliable CNC turning and milling system.

All lines are characterized by BUFFOLI MULTI-PROCESSING CNC, illustrative self-help, easy window based programming and a FULLY INTEGRATED TOOL AND POWER MONITORING SYSTEM.

  • Precision machining of families of parts in 2-3-4-5 directions, offering the desired balance between productivity and flexibility.
  • Productivity of up to 10,000 parts/hour.
  • Changeover times of 15-90 minutes.
  • Buffoli Tool Monitoring with automatic tool wear compensation.
  • Completely controlled by CNC with Buffoli digital electronics having a 5 year warranty.
  • Machining of complex parts in only one clamping with possibility of programming various chuck rotation cycles.
  • Quick change static turning heads, able to execute single-point threading/contouring/turning/recessing with advanced interpolation controlled by Buffoli’s multi-processing CNC.
  • Inclination and translation of the spindles programmable by CNC.
  • Multi-media self-diagnostics with illustrative self-help and continuous self-surveillance of the machine productive efficiency.
  • User-friendly programming, menu driven or self-learning.