BUFFOLI began the production of turning machines in 1981. These machines can be dedicated or flexible. Dedicated machines are mainly designed for double production and are capable of producing as much as 3 or 4 multi-spindles (up to 10,000 brass parts/hour, 500-1,800 steel parts/hour). Flexible CNC versions offer extremely short cycle times, along with tool change over times of 40-60 minutes, a testament of their versatility and adaptability.

Buffoli turning machines are able to complete those more complex parts that usually would require secondary machining. They can execute a variety of machining processes (milling, broaching, rolling, marking) on any surface, but also small assembly and in-process gauging with automatic compensation of the critical dimensions.

Buffoli turning machines belong to two families. TRANS-BAR machines and OMNI-TURN machines. The first ones address bar turning applications, the second ones to the production of complex parts or long parts (shafts or similar) especially in alloy steel and stainless steel.

TRANS-BAR are precision static bar machines equipped with spindles operating from opposite directions and, optionally, radially. They are very suitable for the production of bar stock parts, even for batches of a few thousand. They feature high productivity and quick change over, and are ideally suited to just in time production requirements.

OMNI-TURN machines combine static part transfer machine processes with rotating part machining processes (such as long turning operations and/or deep drilling operations). They are high-productivity patented turning and milling machines in which the two different areas work multi-task (a transfer area and a vertical lathe area). They are suitable for the complete machining, in a few seconds, of complex precision parts (long fittings for flexible tubes and relevant ferrules, CV joints, crankshafts, shafts for compressors, etc). Thanks to a Buffoli patent, in these machines the cycle time is, usually, 1/3 of the longest operation, thus resulting in much more productivity than any conventional machine or production line.

Customers of ours change over the machine many times/day, running batches of 300 - 1000 parts with cycle times of 0.75 - 20 seconds. The combination of Precision, Productivity and Just in Time production represents the winning solution provided by the Buffoli machines. Non rotating part machining (drilling, milling, and also CNC static turning, threading and profiling) and rotating part machining are integrated into a versatile, precise and highly reliable CNC turning and milling system.

All lines are characterized by BUFFOLI MULTI-PROCESSING CNC, illustrative self-help, easy window based programming and a FULLY INTEGRATED TOOL AND POWER MONITORING SYSTEM.


  • Parts are completely finished, also directly from bar, with machining from 2, 3 or more directions simultaneously.
  • Quick and precise single point turning, contouring, threading, boring, grooving with standard turning inserts controlled by Buffoli’s Multiprocessing CNC.
  • Changeover times of between 15 minutes and 2 hours.
  • Buffoli Tool Monitoring with automatic tool wear compensation.
  • Up to 5 turning centers integrated with transfer machines.
  • Double or triple the productivity of a multi-spindle, with the possibility of finishing more complex parts.
  • A wide range of bar capacity for the same machine model (7-32 mm; 7-45 mm; 7-55 mm; 15-75 mm).
  • User-friendly programming, menu driven or self-learning.
  • Ease of use and tool change over even by non-skilled personnel.
  • Up to a complete shift of unattended machining.
  • Possibility of loading bar bundles up to 3 tons with lengths up to 7 m.
  • Independent cutting feeds and speeds for each tool allow the optimization of the cutting parameters, improving surface finish, cycle time and tool life.
  • Multi-media self-diagnostics with illustrative self-help and continuous self-surveillance of the machine efficiency.
  • Completely controlled by CNC with Buffoli digital electronics having a 5 year warranty.